We make muscles perform
to improve your athletic performance. 


Golgi Performance shows how we can make your muscles perform to improve your speed, agility and power as an athlete.



golgi cycling performance

Increase power, speed, range of motion, decrease fatigue, and more with Golgi Performance.

Injury Prevention

Decrease injury risk and overtraining through biomechanics and postural analysis using Kinetisense.

Injury Recovery


Got hurt? Recover with Golgi Performance at the Colorado Springs Human Performance & Rehab Center.


"Liz is a muscle wizard.  I've worked with many massage therapists over my career, but Liz has the widest knowledge set I've seen, and knows how to apply it. She's got my back, literally."
“I have always had abnormally tight shoulders, upper back, and neck. I have had several people in the past work on me with decent results. I started seeing Liz for 30 min sessions and almost immediately started noticing differences. After only one month, I was noticing that my workouts were more intense, faster run times, and no residual effects.

It wasn’t until I screwed up my knee on a spin bike that I was truly amazed and blown away. I didn’t think the injury was musculoskeletal but an actual joint issue. I had Liz look at it anyway. Before that session, I did not sleep for 3 days because the pain in my knee was keeping me up. After she worked on my leg for 30 minutes, I was back running and squatting two days later with no residual effect of the bike. Liz is truly talented and I will be forever grateful for the help she gave me!”