What can Golgi Performance offer you?

We won't promise you relaxation, or energy, heck, you might leave sore, but we do know you will leave feeling productive. Every single time you come to see me, we will positively affect your body to improve your performance.  (Ever been to a physical therapist's office and left leaving like you didn't accomplish anything? Or that relaxing massage was great, but three days later you can't even feel it anymore?) Yea, not here, you'll leave knowing we DID something. Plus, you might also get homework to keep improving yourself at home.

How often should you get work?

Think of your body like a car.  Your car needs oil changes to keep that engine working properly. Your body is the same way - you need soft tissue support to keep your tissue healthy and capable of continued work. If you're driving your car more some times than you are other times, you need more frequent oil changes to keep it functioning properly. Same with your body.

If you are a professional athlete, or someone who is exercising for two to three hours per day, you need a session every single workout day plus a rest day for optimum soft tissue health.

Anyone who exercises regularly should get at least one "tune up" session a month.

Now, if that doesn't fit into your budget or your schedule, we can work with that. Using either insurance or, because I bill by the hour, you can tell me how much you can afford, and I can create a schedule that works for you, because every body deserves to be supported properly so you can keep on going.

How do we do it?

Golgi Performance mixes soft tissue performance therapy, biomechanics and postural analysis, medical massage techniques, muscle release techniques, Kinesio Taping, and more to provide athletes with an expert level of soft tissue care.

Whether it's for performance enhancement, preventing injuries through insuring proper body mechanics and posture, decreasing overtraining injuries through decreasing muscle tone and reducing bodily fatigue or injury recovery, Golgi Performance keeps its athletes in top condition.

What results can athletes see during games or competitions?

Through specific techniques, Golgi Performance can increase an athlete's power output. 10 minutes of work can result in a muscular performance increase of 5 to 7 times!

If you play a sport with intermissions, 5 minutes of work from a Golgi Performance specialist can provide the same relief to your muscles as 20 minutes of passive rest. Meaning, with only 5 minutes, we can buy you 20 minutes of recovery time, and still have time to discuss upcoming play options.

Have a competition in the future and afraid you might overtrain? The week of the competition, one session from a Golgi Performance specialist can replace an entire workout and keep muscle tone intact.  That means you, as an athlete, can take the week before a competition off, but not lose any of your training gains.


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