What Golgi Performance Offers its Athletes


This is a 30 minute consultation time so we can discuss your performance as an athlete, what you want out of a sports or medical massage, and how we should move forward!  A consult starts with a look at range of motion, balance, and problem movement areas using Kinetisense software.  This is CRUCIAL to your success as a client, so we can determine what your baselines are and showcase how you're progressing with Golgi Performance.

In a hurry? We can combine it with your performance or recovery session!

Performance Session

You want performance? We'll give it to you.  Through manually manipulating your soft tissue and nervous system, we'll rev up your muscles for faster speed, better mobility, and more power. Ever heard of Golgi Tendon Organs or Muscle Spindle cells? Well, we play with those nerves with a variety of techniques to achieve the performance results you want.  We'll test your muscles' power and ability before and after a session to show you that it was worth paying us to give you those results.  Best add-on to this session is Kinesio Taping, which helps to extend the session's results.

Injury Recovery Session

Oh, you've neglected yourself or something was injured somewhere? You need relief, and lasting effects, which we can provide. We'll put on our medical massage hats for this type of sessionto prevent, eliminate or reduce any areas of pain, stiffness, numbness, tingling feelings that you might have anywhere. It's a very powerful healing, tool.  We also utilize PIR and PNF stretching for additional efficiency in stretching.  Add on Kinesio Taping to extend the effectiveness of this session. At the end, we'll probably give you homework to do to insure when you come back, it's for a different reason.

Pre & Post Event

Bring a Golgi Performance specialist with you to your next game or competition.

We can insure your muscles are fired up, but your mind is at-east with a pre-event soft tissue performance session.  Or, slow the body back down in a gentle way after your event.  This applies to muscles, neurons, and the cardiac system.  For the best application, the window of opportunity is from about 20 minutes prior to your event, during intermission, and 90 minutes to 2 hours post-event. 


Kinesio Taping® is the perfect add-on for a massage.  During a recovery session, it's likely that some postural changes will happen.  The Kinesio Tape® gives you gentle cues to retain those posture corrections for an enhanced therapeutic effect.